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cannot verify server identity

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cannot verify server identity

  1. If you are getting the error “Cannot Verify Server Identity” on your apple device, you will want to reset your e mail account on your device.

    The technique described under is generalized information. Your Apple Table, iPhone, or different Apple machine would possibly vary.


    There are some essential concerns earlier than you commence this process.

    1) You need to understand your password. If you do now not understand it, please contact us to reset it.

    2) If you are the usage of the pop3 approach of fetching mail, you will want to lower back up your message if you desire to preserve them


    If you do no longer be aware of your password however desire the error messages to stop, you can do the first steps listed below:


    First, come across the account settings. Go to your settings icon, detect and tap:


    “Password and Accounts” (on more recent devices)


    “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” (on older devices)


    Locate your Netpoint Account and faucet it.

    If you desire to simply disable the popup messages till a future time, you can do that on this screen. If you are

    ready to proceed, faucet the Delete Account

    If you are the use of an iPhone, oddly, you will want to restart the smartphone to make sure the settings are removed.


    Next, add the account lower back in.

    Return to the above menu and pick “Add Account”

    Select “Other”

    tab “Add Mail Account”

    Fill in your Name, e mail tackle and description

    Tap Next

    After a second it will deliver you to a display with greater settings.

    IMAP need to be chosen at the top

    In the INCOMING MAIL SERVER section,

    Enter in the Host Name:

    Enter your case touchy User Name: must be the first section of your e-mail tackle (everything left of the @)

    Enter your case touchy Password: will be set to what you entered on the first screen

    In the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER section,

    Enter in the Host Name:

    ***Important*** do no longer enter your username and password in this section

    tap Next

    If any statistics you typed in is wrong, it will supply you an error. Check your entries for typos and attempt again

    You will get a message announcing “Cannot confirm server identification for”

    tap Continue

    You can also get a message that it can’t join the usage of SSL,

    tap Yes to proceed the usage of this connection.

    tap Save


    • Reset your Network Settings
    • Disable Outlook Notifications on iOS Device
    • Delete and Add your Email Account Again
    • Update your iOS Device
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