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  1. what is ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS and how to fix it


    If you are now not the web site admin, you solely want to clear the browser cache/cookies and refresh the page. If that doesn’t work, you will have to contact the supervisor and wait till he fixes it.


    However, if you are the manager, you will have to strive a few things. The error is typically a end result of WordPress’s misconfiguration, as we in the past mentioned. Sometimes, it can be solved by means of some thing as convenient as clearing cookies or cache.


    That’s why we’re going to existing to you some techniques so you can get rid of that message. This way, you won’t let your site visitors down.


    Clear the cookies and the cache

    When that message pops out, some browsers advise that the hassle may be the cookies.


    That’s why we additionally suggest you to strive that even if you’re the web page owner. 


    • Delete cookies on that specific site
    • Clear WordPress site, server, proxy, and browser cache
    • Determine nature of redirect loop
    • Check your HTTPS settings
    • Check third-party services
    • Check your WordPress site settings
    • Temporarily disable WordPress plugins
    • Check redirects on your server
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