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ults? What is ults?

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ults? What is ults mean? Ults explanation?

  1. ULTS

    • ULTS in kpop means

    ULTIMATE GROUP is the full form or Ult.

    “Ult” stands for “ultimate”, as in “ultimate bias” or “ultimate favorite”. No matter what group or idol you’re talking about, your #1 favorite is your ult.


    Company -ULTS

    Global in character, UL Technology Solutions aspires to grow to meet the demands of an ever-evolving society that constantly changes and adapts to the impetuous demands of a globalized world. Deep inside,company culture is one of empathy, humility, and unconditional collaboration.

    As a result of these basic values, we have built an organization that is client-focused, performance-driven, innovation-driven, and employee-centric. As the “Partner of Choice” for our clients and the “Employer of Choice” for our employees, we transform the lives of ordinary people while developing world-class experts in advanced technologies.

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