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What makes you suddenly happy?

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What makes you sudden joy?

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    six years ago I bought a phone Mi4i which was a flagship device from xiaomi. I bought it for 16k. It was actually a fantastic device.

    One week later, on a rainy day phone accidentally got in contact with some water which was from my hand itself. just some water can’t make my phone complaint,i thought.

    On next day when i opened camera it was only showing this.

    Only the back camera got this issue.I tried restarting but doesn’t help.

    I went to Xiaomi Service Centre, waited for 1 hour and later they said, its water damage, so no warranty, you need 6k for changing motherboard and atleast 3 weeks waiting.

    (everything else are working, how can I spend 6k for camera only)

    I was actually very sad, i said no, and took my phone back.(charged 120 for opening the set)

    I returned home and start googling about “how to repair water damage device”.Also enquired in some mobile shops.

    But it didn’t helped.

    Then at last i decided to sell my phone on OLX.And i posted an ad for the phone for just Rs 4500.

    Many people called me.

    Lastly I end up in a deal.

    Atlast when I was waiting for a bus to sell my device, I saw an old man repairing some electronics stuffs.(which I didn’t noticed before, because he was repairing only radios)

    I just entered there ,and asked about his works.

    He was weak but still answered me while doing his works.

    I waited for so long, he asked why am I here.

    I said my phone got water damaged, so i am going to sell it.

    He was curious, and asked me to show my phone.

    I wondered can this old man handle phone.(that too smartphone)

    He said if it is a water damage, i will tell you you a solution.And he gave some water, i asked what is it he said “Its paint thinner”.

    He said use this to clean up the parts.

    (i thought just to do this also)

    I was curious, i called my seller that i can’t come now.

    I opened my phone and took its motherboard and camera module and dip those parts in the thinner solution.

    Waited for some time to dry.

    Then i re assembled and turned my device , opened camera ,

    Hurrah. Its working. I thanked him and paid. (thinner is actually a best de-hydrant)

    A sudden joy.(No words to express my happiness to see my phone camera again, and that too repaired by me made my happiness double.)

    Note: Try this at your risk

    Moral: never underestimate anyone. There is something in experience.

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