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Who is Kottayam collector – Kerala?

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What you know about kottayam collector?Who is the current collector of Kottayam, District, Kerala?

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    Kottayam Collector

    PK Jayasree will be the new Kottayam Collector. A native of Thrissur, Dr. Jayasree was posted to Kottayam while serving as the Director of the Panchayat Department.

    Incumbent Kottayam Collector M Anjana will be the Joint Director, Public Administration Department. She will also have the additional responsibility of Social Welfare Officer. In 1987, she became an officer in the Department of Agriculture. Jayasree started his career.

    In 2000, she joined the Kerala Agricultural University as an Assoc. He was promoted to professor. In 2007, the department changed and Kasargod became the Deputy Collector of the Revenue Department. Endosulfan was highly regarded for its commendable service to distressed areas. In 2012, he took charge as the Deputy Collector in Thrissur.

    During this period she was also the District Collector of Thrissur. She served as the Guruvayoor Devaswom Administrator and Koodalmanikyam Devaswom as the Administrator.

    He holds a doctorate in agronomy from the University of Agriculture. Recognized as the Best Deputy Collector for his services in Thrissur in 2013 and Kasaragod in 2015. Jayasree had won.

    Her husband is CV Raveendran, a native of Kasargod Periya and former SBI Kozhikode branch manager. Children: Dr. Aarti, Aparna.

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